Easy concept, once moving, you have to be able to stop. However, when your brakes are bad, a dangerous situation can arrise.


You’re never want to see it, but the Check Engine light informs you about a problem with your vehicle.

Engine Cooling

An overheated engine that leaves you stranded is a hassle. Overheating is a signs of trouble with your vehicle’s cooling system.


It's Texas,cars get hot, but it’s so nice to turn on your AC and feel that cold air. Until the day it doesn’t kick in.

Starting and Charging

 It's terrible, you go to start your car and nothing happens. You’re probably  wondering how you could have a dead battery when you didn’t forget to turn off your lights.

Steering and Suspension

That bump was aweful, and why did it rattle so much? The suspension may be worn or loose to allow such movement.

Additional Services

Our many clients appreciate the special service we offer at Silva Automotive. Thanks to our comprehensive services you can come to us knowing you are bringing your car to trustworthy mechanics for any car repair problems. 


We would be glad to welcome you as a new client and convince you of our work.


*Silva Automotive is currently unable to work on vehicle transmissions and security systems.

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